Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jensen Ackles Pencil Portrait


After doing Enrique, I decided to picked Jensen Ackles aka 'Dean' as my second 'model':-) I really like this actor from 'Supernatural' and I also likes his face:-) For me, this guy has a very distinctive features written all over his face and it was an honor to be able to draw him...!

in the process...

Jensen Ackles...

p/s - A comment would be nice...:-)


lovinangelsinstead21 said...

Hi neoplanet,

Have been looking at your portraits again as I have answered your request in mylot to post a link. Your portraits are really good I think.
So I am just sending you my comment.
I can´t guess the name of the guy you are asking but I have seen him on Television somewhere I think am I right?

neoplanet9 said...

Thank you for your support in my blog...yes, the guy does appear in a popular tv series...actually he plays the dad of a main male character:-) Until now, nobody seems unable to guess who the guy is..What about you?...:-)

lovinangelsinstead21 said...

Hi neoplanet,

Sorry I really do not know the name of this man but his face is really familiar. As I might have mentioned in Spain the Television tends to show all foreign programs without the beginning of the Series and the credits due and all that they just show a little bit and they put the dreaded ads on and then come back to showing the Series so you have´nt got much chance of knowing who it is unless you look up the Series in English but you must realise all the Titles of the foreign Series are in Spanish their version of the Title see what I mean?
Hope you are doing well with your portraits see you around on mylot.
I have´nt posted much this week either.
Take care now.