Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to Bring More Traffic...?

Hi dear Readers!

My gallery has just been up for no more than a week..and I thanked you for all the supports you have given me. But I still need to bring more traffic to my blog in order to get more recognition that in turns may help me to sell my portraits:-)
I'm just a newbie in the Internet business, and I need more help in advertising my blog (for free, of course!)...
So, for Internet experts out there, I welcome any suggestions or constructive ideas to bring more traffic to my blog. Hope you can help me!

Thanks and happy blogging!

- neoplanet9 -


Dimmusacio said...

Thank you very much for the follow. Also I thought I would give you an idea on how to get some more traffic. I got what I have now by running monthly contests. I then posted the contests on free stuff websites. You could give away a free image in order to get more people to see your work.

jr041283 said...

We can exchange links for traffic.

Sue said...

To jr041283,

How exactly can we exchange links?

Paul Chaston said...

Try Tweeting often and regularly. Make sure you get lots of followers on twitter. Then post some short, pithy ads maybe include a little humor in your tweets, think about how you can make your tweets encourage followers to visit.

We are already linked via Lameplay but I will add your site in my blogroll.

I`m working on a new site to sell my photographs so I ẁill add a link to your site on that one as well as soon as it`s fully up

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Traffic doesn't come overnight. You have to work at it. Even though I blog for enjoyment and refuse to use my blogs for commerce. I have to work hard, visiting forums, other blogs; I see you already have LinkReferral, that's a good start but it is hard work everyday. BlogCatalog is good also, so is FuelMyBlog. I have had a very poor response from Twitter. Evryone has different experiences, you have to experiment. Likewise, we are already linked via LamePlay.

One secret, I have learned is post often and post quality.

Good luck


Lexi said...

I just found your site, and I think it's great. I wish you all the luck.
Have you tried to put Google Adsense on your blog? You can earn a little income. As for traffic, it just take time. Posting comments on forums is helpful. Also try Facebook. Every time you update your site, you can also place it on Facebook.
I'm also looking for ways to gain traffic and do link exchanges.

Good Luck