Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Help me by Buying my Pencil Portraits...

Hi readers,

Initially, I made this blog as a personal gallery for my own viewing pleasure and to share it with all of you out there. This is something you should know about me, I'm just a simple housewife who's trying and hoping to make a living by venturing into the Internet business. That way, I can help a lot of people around me, financially speaking.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I realized that my husband have had some financial problems. He didn't tell me, but I managed to figure it out. Oh, it's not a life-death situation:-) It's just something that would make our lives a little bit easier, considering the global financial crisis that we're all facing right now.

I don't like to see my husband depressed and I really..really want to help him out. You see, I was thinking that if I only I can raise at least $1000 by the next two months, then everything would be fine. We can pay off all our debts and life would be much happier and merrier..if only...

Before this, I tried almost everything that could make me earned money via Internet, but at the end of the day, I only managed to gain a few dollars a month:-)Talking about bad luck...!
Then, when I was drawing my portrait (some sort of a way to release my tension that is building), I suddenly thought about selling the portrait.

I know that there are a lot, and I mean a lot of artists out there who can draw more beautiful and exquisite hand-drawn portrait that I can (I am newbie, after all). But, this is worth a try. If I can sell at least 30-35 celebrity portrait in... like the next two months, maybe I can achieved $1000. I know that right now, I have only 4 celebrity portraits that I can sell, that is - Jensen Ackles, Enrique Inglesias, Gone with the Wind and Kate/Sawyer. So, I need to draw a lot more of celebrity portrait!

But before going off into a wild goose chase, I really would like your honest opinion or your comment on this. I mean, can I do this, will this actually work or simply just one of those hard to achieve dreams...?

Help! I need lots of opinions and views right now, so that I can finally make up my mind...

- Desperate Housewife -

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Paul Chaston said...

Welcome and good luck. Your art looks great